Wettbewerb - Metrostation Downtown Riyad Saudi Arabien

International Architectural Competition
Design for the Downtown Metro Station in Riyadh - Qasr Al-Hukm District, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The proposed design for the Downtown Metro Station in Riyadh’s Qasr Al-Hukm District embodies a blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal, aiming to create a welcoming urban space. The station features an organically shaped, double-curved translucent roof paired with a central funnel, both intended to foster a bright and inviting atmosphere. This design marks the station’s significance as the intersection of two metro lines and serves as a prominent landmark.

Architectural Features:
Roof Structure: The sweeping, double-curved roof is crafted from translucent materials, allowing natural light to permeate the station. This innovative design not only reduces the underground feel typically associated with metro stations but also creates a visually striking canopy that defines the space.
Central Funnel: At the heart of the station, the funnel serves both as a focal point and a functional element. It channels natural light deep into the station, ensuring bright, airy interiors. Additionally, the funnel incorporates a cooling system designed for minimal energy consumption, maintaining a comfortable climate.
Urban Integration: The roof extends over the entire plaza, harmoniously integrating the new mosque within the station’s layout. This integration creates shaded, comfortable spaces around the plaza, promoting a pleasant environment for commuters and visitors.

Amenities and Facilities:
Retail Areas: Retail zones enhance the station’s utility, offering a variety of shopping and dining options, thus transforming the station into a vibrant urban hub.
Transportation Connectivity: The design includes dedicated areas for individual traffic parking, ensuring convenience for commuters using personal vehicles. Additionally, the station accommodates buses and taxis, providing seamless connectivity and facilitating easy transitions between different modes of transport.
Landscape and Water Features: At both street and plaza levels, the design incorporates ample water features, cascades and palm trees. These elements contribute to a cooling microclimate, making the outdoor spaces more inviting and comfortable.